Monday, August 30, 2010


So where do I start??? seriously where do I, because this dream of travelling seems like it was ages ago and now its finally come true. Here I am in Canada, its been a month since I arrived and it was fantastic until I had this horrible feeling, right in the pit of my stomach. You know that feeling where your nervous,there's something missing, like a piece in a jigzaw. Well you guessed it guys, homesickness had finally come to stay with me for a while and its strange I've never felt like this before.

So the first I do is call my parents and of course I get the usual "you'll be fine, your only human, it will past when you get a job and make friends" And don't get me wrong it probably will, but at this present moment I felt like I want to pack my bag (again), and go to Pearson airport and say goodbye to Canada until next time. But when is next time? and thats where is start to really think about my whole "adventure" out here. I haven't waited 10 years for me to arrive in a country, to then turn around to go home, when I want stay and experience working and travelling abroad!

Here I am today, don't get me wrong still homesick and have 7 months till I go home (even though it feels about 10 years).  I sat and thought its going to take time, so soak it up whilst you can and enjoy it! Life is too short.  But seriously if you guys were in my shoes, wouldn't you also feel lost in a country on your own with none of your friends and family?